Online Masterclass #3 - How To Paint A Sunlit Sandy Beach Scene SJB Fine Art
Sarah Jane Brown teaching the painting masterclass #3
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Sunday 14th July - LIVE Online Masterclass #3 - How To Paint A Sunlit Sandy Beach Scene SJB Fine Art

Online Masterclass #3 - How To Paint A Sunlit Sandy Beach Scene

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Join me, Sarah Jane Brown, for an ONLINE painting masterclass where we’ll unlock the secrets to painting a sunlit sandy beach scene

Are you struggling to capture the vibrant energy of a sunny beach in your paintings? Do your colours look more stagnant than sunny? Do your beach scenes feel static rather than bright and breezy, or does your foreground sand look more wasteland than waterfront? If so, you are not alone, and I am here to help!

In this comprehensive live masterclass, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of painting a captivating sandy beach scene on a sunny day. Whether you're a seasoned artist looking to refine your technique or a beginner eager to learn, this class will provide you with the skills and confidence to bring your coastal landscapes to life.

You'll get access to a private course area on my website where you'll find the recording and other resources to watch and follow along at your own pace. 

Full of useful tips and advice in a relaxed but clear online demonstration. 1 month access with regular reminders to do the exercise so that gentle accountability is 'baked in'! 

What You Will Learn:

Mastering Colour: Discover how to select and blend the perfect palette to convey the warmth and brightness of a sunlit beach. Learn techniques to make your colours pop and create a lively, inviting scene.

Capturing Movement: Transform static scenes into dynamic compositions. Understand how to depict the gentle movement of waves, the shifting sands, and the sense of a light, bright and breezy atmosphere.

Creating Depth and Texture: Say goodbye to flat, lifeless beach scenes. Learn to add depth and texture to your sand, giving it a tactile quality that draws viewers in.

Atmospheric Techniques: I will show you how to achieve a sense of atmosphere and movement in your paintings.

Why Join This Masterclass?

Personalised Guidance: Receive real-time feedback and support. Ask questions and get answers tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

Professional Insights: Gain insights from my years of experience painting coastal landscapes. Learn the secrets and techniques that have helped me capture the essence of Pembrokeshire's stunning beaches.

Don't let frustration hold you back any longer. Enrol in this online painting masterclass and transform your beach scenes from static to stunning. Capture the beauty and vibrancy of a sunny day at the beach with confidence and skill. 

Watch, pause, rewind and watch again as you paint along! Full of useful tips and advice in a relaxed but clear online demonstration. 1 month access with regular reminders to do the exercise so that gentle accountability is 'baked in'! 

Let me guide you through my process of simplifying an image, identifying key shapes, colours and values. Then we will build up layers of gradually adjusting and refining areas to produce a light filled painting that is vibrant and full of energy and atmosphere using loose dynamic brushstrokes. 


1 month access to a private course portal with everything you need to follow along and get the most out of the class.

Reference photo, colour testing sheet and materials list. 

Real time video 'over my shoulder'. Watch as I paint and explain my process and decision making as I go. Full view of my set up including easel and palette.

Class portal to share your work, ask questions and get feedback!

Completion certificate and graduate access to student facebook group.

What students say about the online classes...

That lesson was so, so useful... I look forward to the next one!! I found the planning stage extremely helpful, plus your minimal use of brushes - I realise I use far too many!!

Helena D

Thanks Sarah for a lovely online painting session. Very enjoyable, and great to be able to ask questions and learn from your vast experience.

A pleasure to watch you paint in real time and be able to join you from wherever we are in the world. And I got a lovely painting out of it, of one of my favourite spots. Thank you.

Josie d'Arby
(TV Arts Presenter) UK

Sarah's online class was very enjoyable! Easy to follow, stage by stage instructions were very helpful in preparing me to have a go! It was good to see Sarah's method and helpful to see how she uses the photo and colour swatch . Thoroughly enjoyed watching! 


I'd definitely recommend giving the classes a try. I really enjoyed your explanations... I learnt a lot from watching you mix your colours too. 

Am looking forward  to more online classes. Painting, for me, is therapy! It's an escape. Love it. 

Sue L

This was a great opportunity to watch a process live, watch again and take notes, and then watch again in short bursts to practice the techniques taught. Fabulous.  x 


I really enjoyed the whole tutorial.

The ambiance was very relaxed and easy going but at the same time there was masses of really useful technique and artistic experience being imparted.  I also liked that those taking part could put their questions to SJB.

I will definitely be signing up for another session in the near future.

Thank you Sarah.

Penny W

I enjoyed Sarah’s relaxed way of teaching. She clearly explains the process of planning and executing a landscape painting.

...There's also the opportunity to ask questions. I appreciated getting a reference photo and also a breakdown of major shapes and colour swatches too!

Sue Leatherdale

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...Sorry, you're too late to join 'live' but you can still get the class recording and watch the session!

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