Featured on new TV series - watch online!

Featured on new TV series - watch online!

Did you manage to catch Episode 2 of The UK's National Parks with Caroline Quentin on More4 last night? I wasn't quite sure what they were going to show for my section with Caroline Quentin on Whitesands Beach, and what would end up on the cutting room floor, but I am pleased wih how it turned out!

We were pretty fortunate with the weather on the day we filmed, and the footage really shows off this beautiful part of the coast. I loved the long sweeping views of the beach and the sea, and the filming by drone gives such incredible views of the coastline. Nothing quite beats walking along the beach yourself, but they've done a pretty good job of sharing how it feels.

If you missed the show, or would like to watch again, you can now stream on Channel 4.

There's a brief lovely intro at 00:30 and then the piece on Pembrokeshire starts at 25:40 with a walk along Whitesands Beach. The section where I chat with Caroline starts at 28:25.



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