Towards a crossroads - Original Artwork SJB Fine Art
Towards a crossroads - Original Artwork SJB Fine Art

Towards a crossroads - Original Artwork

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'Towards a crossroads', Oil on canvas, 51 x 51 cm(20.08 x 20.08 in)

Here in Pembrokeshire during late spring and early summer, we have fields full of rapeseed flowers which brightens the landscape with swathes of bright yellow. It's magical.    

I was driving along this road near my home one day and the view struck me. Even though I was in a bit of a hurry,  I actually stopped the car and got out to take some reference photo's! The road is leading towards the Preseli Mountains, which you can see in the distance, and just around that bend in the road,  there's a crossroads.  

I usually paint coastal scenes, so inland lanes are something a little different for me, but I loved the combination of all the blues and yellows intersected by green hedgerows.

The painting is called 'Towards a Crossroads', which seems to relate to the road but like most of my work there is also an intended metaphor. In this case it alludes to reaching a turning point in life where you need to make a decision which direction to go in. 

It's painted in oils on a 51cm x 51cm cotton canvas and has already been framed so it's ready to hang. The overall size is 66cm x 66cm. 

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"Your painting just arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! And thank you for the certificate and cards. Your work is truly lovely."

Margot H.

"I simply had to go back a second time to buy it, as it didn't leave my thoughts after I saw it for the first time."

Robert G.

"It's here! Thank you so much... It's gone straight on the wall and looks amazing. I am so pleased with it."

Emma T.

"The colours are stunning and love the gold tones within the painting. As soon as I saw it I fell in live with it and it sits pride of place in my living room.

A. Wallace

" I can’t believe how beautiful my painting is. You have done an amazing job. I can’t wait for it to be hung on my landing. Thank you so much. x "

Wendi V.

"Thank you so much. He opened it today and loves it. He has hung it so he can look at it whenever he sits at our dining table. Thank you. "

Alice K.