Welsh Lifestyle Medicine Network - Creativity Workshop

Welsh Lifestyle Medicine Network - Creativity Workshop

I was so happy to give this workshop last weekend to a room FULL of GP's, Nurses and other healthcare practitioners at a brilliant event held in St. Davids! All were there to explore various ways of using lifestyle changes to positively impact health. 



As you may know I'm pretty passionate about this topic because I believe EVERYONE needs to be creative in some way for their mental and physical wellbeing.  There are is now a lot of scientific evidence to support my belief and report by the World Health Organisation certainly backs this up. Read my blog post about this if you'd like to know about all the amazing beneficial effects painting has on your health and wellbeing.

The Welsh Lifestyle Medicine Network are a group of medical professionals who also believe that there are many ways of improving health through lifestyle changes and this group were certainly game to give painting a go!

It was a crazy, fast paced, messy but hilariously fun workshop and everyone entered into the spirit of just 'letting go' and playing, something we don't do enough of as adults! 

Although I was encouraging a degree of chaos, it always amazes me how people can't help but be 'creative' once they relax and let it happen.

And just look what they produced! I made their paintings into a 'virtual exhibition' Doesn't it look fab?... 😀




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