Setting 2024 intentions

Setting 2024 intentions

Happy New Year!

Are you feeling inspired for 2024?

As we step into 2024, I've been thinking about my goals, plans, and generally finding better ways to improve aspects of my life and work. I'm embracing a different approach this year– setting intentions rather than resolutions. I realise that my resolutions in the past have always been doomed to fail. I put undue pressure on myself before I've even started and then beat myself up for the inevitable failure! Intentions hold less weight and feel less rigid. It's all a mind game, but if it helps to move me forward then its a game worth playing.

One of my key 'intentions' is to simplify. This means refining my systems/routines to bring more ease and fluidity into creating my work and indeed the whole process of sharing it. I definitely have the tendency to overthink and over complicate things.

Are there new horizons you're aiming for? Or perhaps, like me, you're focusing on the art of simplicity? As the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh once said... "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

I'm planning to share more consistent and engaging updates, more behind-the-scenes glimpses, artistic insights, and of course, my latest creations - and if you're a subscriber you'll get all of this first before everyone else!

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Here's to a year of simplicity, consistency, and creativity!


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Sarah Jane's paintings reflect internal landscapes through the beauty of the Pembrokeshire skies and countryside, the natural drama of the elements and the sea.

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