Let me help you grow creatively - join my Mastrius Mentor Group!

Let me help you grow creatively - join my Mastrius Mentor Group!

I believe everyone is creative. And that we need more skilled, successful artists sharing their unique experience, insight, and beauty — and making the world a better place! But if you’re anything like me, you definitely can’t do that alone.

I know I’m the artist I am today because of the incredible mentors I’ve had along the way. We need support to get there!

So I’m excited to share that I'm currently mentoring a small group of artists with the Mastrius platform, and we've been having a blast and learning so much with each other! Mastrius bring motivated artists together from all over the world to be trained and supported in their creative talent.

Our mentorship group is digging into the technical aspect of painting such as colour and compositon, and much more! In our group, you, me, and up to just 7 other artists meet together online monthly. We tackle the hurdles and challenges you face as artists and in your own individual art practices.

I’ll help boost your skill and confidence by assigning homework tailored to your specific goals. Between sessions you’ll work on the homework I’ve assigned, supported and encouraged by the artists in your group.

There’s a lot I’ve learned about art, creativity, and working as an artist over the years. I’d love to share it and to walk alongside you in this next stage of your creative journey.

Want to join me??

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Painting workshops

I am here to help you take the next step on your creative journey. Choose from my new range of 1-day classes on coastal elements or try a longer landscape painting workshop, and let's have some fun learning!


Come and paint with me!

I share tips and techniques together with recommendations on materials and tools. From exploring colour palettes to adding texture to working with layers, I'll take you on a journey to improving your skills.