Below is a short Time-lapse video of a work in progress. This film, captured during multiple sessions over several weeks, shows the evolution of ‘Warm Shower’, a large (80x80cm) painting from concept to completion and the gradual build up of many subtle translucent layers.

'Warm shower', Oil on Canvas, 80x80cm. Sarah Jane Brown

Often it is frustrating when trying to photograph finished work because the camera flattens these layers and the subtlety is lost. The layers, when viewed in person, consitute a more ‘3D’ optical experience because your eyes can percieve the depth of the layers and the texture of the surface. Hopefully the video will help to give some insight into this.

The finished painting is now located at Oriel Coffi in Llanidloes, Mid Wales. It is available to purchase from their website with free shipping.


Please note: The title of this painting is ‘Warm shower’ NOT ‘A warm wind’ as it says on the video…I made a mistake when I was editing!