3 time-lapse films of a large commission painting in progress from start to finish. Includes stretching the canvas & every stage, through to hanging it!

The first short video shows the process of stretching and priming the very large bespoke canvas ready for painting. Time-lapse condenses this lengthy process to just a few minutes.


This film records the many stages of constructing the painting. It shows the work taking shape from bare canvas to ‘almost complete’. Starting with coloured ‘grounds’ (raw pigments and binder) then adding layers and layers of oil paint to gradually build surface  texture and visual complexity.  The painting was filmed over a 1 month period (but condensed here into just over 7 minutes!).


This 2nd time-lapse film records the final stages of this large commissioned painting. Following consultation with the clients these last stages were tailored very specifically to the final brief. (The entire room decor will now be designed around the colours of the painting.)   It also shows the finished work framed and hung in its beautiful new home, in the huge space it was made especially for.


The finished painting…

Commissioned painting 'Another Chapter', Oil on canvas, 130x180cm - by Sarah Jane Brown.

Commissioned painting ‘Another Chapter’, Oil on canvas, 130x180cm – Sarah Jane Brown.

Sarah Jane Brown & Clients with the commissioned painting 'Another Chapter'

Sarah Jane Brown and the “delighted” clients with the finished commissioned painting.