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‘Through takes less effort’ to feature at RSMA exhibition 2021

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Insights

It was thrilling to find out in late August that my painting ‘Through takes less effort’ had been selected to feature in this year’s RSMA exhibition. It’s very exciting to be involved, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit my painting in this national marine art show alongside the work of some very talented artists.

The exhibition opens to the public this week on Thursday 30th September at Mall Galleries in SW1, so I’ll be heading off to London very soon. The Private View opens earlier on Wednesday 29th September with the offical opening and awards presentation taking place at 4.30pm. Fingers crossed!

The appetite for adventure | Oil on canvas board | 30x30cm by Sarah Jane Brown

If you’re interested in having a browse before the public opening on Thursday 30th September, then my painting ‘Through takes less effort’ can be viewed and purchased online via Mall Galleries’ website:

Through takes less effort | oil on canvas | 50 x 61 cm

If you wondered about the story behind this painting, then read on! I like to share the influences and inspirations behind my work, and so provided the following insight into ‘Through takes less effort’ when I submitted my painting to the RSMA:

“It may seem counter-intuitive, but ask any surfer or sea swimmer and they’ll tell you that when faced with a ‘green wall’ of water, the path of least resistance is straight through. When I first discovered that duck-diving through the waves was safer, quicker and so much easier physically it was liberating, but to start with it took courage. This is a good analogy for many things in life; often going headfirst through the things we fear is rewarding and turns out to be far easier than we imagined. I’m always inspired to paint the sea not only because of its physical properties but because it provokes such powerful thoughts and emotions.”

Sarah Jane Brown

I really enjoyed working on this wave painting, quietly immersing myself in it. It was completely absorbing, mesmerising and meditative. Watch the following video on Instagram to see the adding of a few final details:

This painting will be available to view in the RSMA exhibition 2021 at London’s Mall Galleries from 30th September. If you wish to attend this year, then you’ll need to book tickets in advance. Admission is normally £5, but friends of exhibitors can benefit from free entry.

Please get in touch to request a free entry code, and then book your timed tickets online via the Mall Galleries website.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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