Off the Wall‘s Summer Show!  (A mixed show of new & existing artists)
Starts 16th July.  Call in 10am – 4pm for a Glass of Pimms!
49 Cardiff Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2DQ United Kingdom

….I am delighted to be showing several of my recent paintings at “Serendipity”, a mixed display of works by the Gallery’s artists!…

Cardiff ‘s Exclusive Modern Contempory Art Gallery  –  Situated in Llandaff, Cardiff “Off the Wall”, promotes local, international, modern, contemporary art, at affordable prices.   Gallery Website



Other Artists include:
Mark Zytynski, Dr Kevin Blockley – sculptures, Glenn Ibbitison, Dominic Castree, Giles Barwick, Val Kosh, Karen Hughes, Loraine Newman Howells, Louise Collis, Pauline Thomas, Sheryl Roberts, Jane Coombs, Andrew McCutcheon, Millie Gleeson, Cath Waters, Elizabeth Westcott, Karen Stamper, Robert Sawtell, Glen Morris – sculptures, Ken Allum, Bert Evans, Arnold Lowrey, Corrie Chiswell, Paresh Nrshinga, Georgina Hughes, Eloise Govier, Anita L Raymond