An solo exhibition of paintings by Sarah Jane Brown September 1st – 13th 2010

Show Statement from the Sensitive Stones Exhibition

In a very personal way, paint conveys the sensations of being in the landscape; sometimes calm, restorative, or spiritually uplifting; at other times wild, dynamic, rejuvenating and mentally energising.  The physical, gestural nature of paint, as well as its fluidity, is responsive to my thoughts and feelings.

I walk the coast path or the beach near my home; meditative space and light, magical junctures of land, sea and sky, endlessly changing colours, reflections and atmospheric conditions. I know it so well; years of collecting observations.  It is ingrained.

The familiar coastal landscape is source material for my painting, but not in representational terms. Wherever our surroundings may be, they form a part of us, shape our perception, colour our thoughts and ideals. For me they are a vehicle to describe more internal aspects of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Sarah Jane Brown