On Saturday (16th July) I had the pleasure of meeting GCSE Art students and staff from Whitecross High School, Hereford. They were on a field trip to Pembokshire and had arranged to visit my Studio for an insight into life as a professional artist. I met them at Etcetera, the local gallery where my work is currently on show. After a good look at my finished paintings, we all came back to the studio to look at work in progress.  We just about managed to squeeze everyone in, and whilst I explained my working process they had a good look at sketchbooks.  From there we headed to Caerfai Beach for some drawing exercises (and I’m afraid I worked them hard!) with a succession of 6 timed drawings and lots of group feedback. I even managed to do a few quick sketches myself!

They were a really great bunch; polite, enthusiastic and willing to learn. I had a message from the teacher saying they had stayed up late that evening painting and were all feeling inspired. A good days work all round!

Caerfai Sketch - Sarah Jane Brown

One of my timed sketches – Caerfai Beach, Pen & Wash. Done in under 10 minutes!

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