A joint show with ceramic artist Adam Buick. A collection of new works informed by the Pembrokeshire Shoreline….

Related Shorelines Exhibition - Sarah Jane Brown & Adam Buick

Related Shorelines Exhibition – Sarah Jane Brown & Adam Buick

… at The Cloister Gallery, St. Davids Cathedral, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire.

Show Statement from the  ‘Related Shorelines’ Exhibition

Most people love looking out to sea, the experience of space and light is meditative. I am no exception, and am out walking the Pembrokeshire coast in all weathers, collecting observations, sketches and photographs. I’m enthralled by the junctures of land, sea and sky; the horizon, although ‘just a line’, never appears the same twice because of the ever changing colours and qualities of light. I  also became fascinated by the reflections cast on wet sand; although they are always present we often fail to notice them because our eyes usually focus right through the surface film of water.

For this series/exhibition, I chose to explore these phenomena with minimal views of sea, sky and shore; a seemingly simple format, rendered complex by an enormous diversity of atmospheric conditions.

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