I had a wonderful evening on July 4th at the Private View Party of the Summer Show at the Russell Gallery in Putney, London. The evening was very well attendend for this brilliant show. It’s packed full of amazing, colourful and eclectic art of really high quality, that I’m very honoured to be included in.

I was also totally delighted that one of my personal artistic hero’s came to the show; the very talented, inspiring and most lovely Mr Kelvin Okafor took time out of his incredibly busy schedule to come and support me. 

I met Kelvin a few years ago when he was the guest speaker at the Art Business Summit. He has continued to inspire me as his career has flourished. He is now one of Britains most successful artists who has exhibited his series of serene hyper-realist portraits in some of the country’s most prestigious galleries. He is now being commissioned to make drawings of celebrities and royalty across the globe.