After a marathon effort up on the scaffold tower, we finally (after 3 full weeks) finished cleaning 30+ years of grease, grime, dust and pigeon poo off the 6m high beams!

We have also now spray painted the vast ceiling white which has brightened everything up and the space is looking even more enormous. Check out the time-lapse video of this below.

We did our best to stop paint covered paws from walking on the brand new kitchen lino, but no we didn’t succeed… so the dog is in the doghouse!

The office is taking shape nicely, with the ceiling and walls insulated, plaster boarded, and painted. The carpet is down, and built in office furniture, new electric sockets & installation of wifi is all happening in the next few weeks so hopefully I can officially move in then. Amanda, (my admin assistant) is extremely excited about this and she has already packed up half my home office!

The new log burner with back boiler has been installed but unfortunately we have to wait for the radiators to be plumbed in before we can light it, so we’ll have to freeze for a bit longer.

We have built a bank of shiny new sinks which are now all plumbed in so my future students will be able to wash their dirty brushes and hands.  The new kitchen is now fully installed with just the boiler and sink waiting to be connected.

I will be organising various workshops and events in 2020 at my new studio.  If you are interested, please send me an email with your details and I will ensure you receive early notification.

As you can see, we are working really hard to complete all the building work and get plans for my first events under way.  I will be inviting you all to come and visit soon and can’t wait to start painting in the beautiful space that is finally emerging.