3rd to 24th March

Oriel Q – Queens Hall Gallery, High Street, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 7AS.

Late Night Shopping, Monotype Print, Sarah Jane Brown

Late Night Shopping, Monotype Print, Sarah Jane Brown

Sarah Jane Browns Monotype Print, ‘Late Night Shopping’ is included in this impressive show of  Printmaking by Welsh artists

This is an open show with work created by a variety of print-making methods: lithography, monoprint, monotype, collography, etching, woodcut, lino cut, aquatint, … or a combination of these and others.

You can click  the link at the bottom of this page to view the catalogue of works, but a visit to the gallery is definitely the best way to enjoy the 92 prints on show.

Here is a Glossary of terms (courtesy of Oriel Q) to help explain the baffling aray of techniques on show.

The basic Printmaking technique categories:

  • Relief, where ink is applied to the original surface of the matrix.
    Relief techniques include: woodcut or woodblock, as the Asian forms are usually known; wood engraving; linocut and metalcut.
    Intaglio, where ink is applied beneath the original surface of the matrix.
  • Intaglio techniques include: engraving; etching; mezzotint; and aquatint, where the matrix retains its original surface, but is specially prepared and/or inked to allow for the transfer of the image.
    Planographic techniques include lithography, monotyping, and digital techniques.
  • Stencil, where ink or paint is pressed through a prepared screen, and includes screenprinting and pochoir.

Other types of printmaking techniques outside these groups include collography, viscosity printing, and foil imaging.

Collography is a printmaking technique in which textured material is adhered to the printing matrix. This texture is transferred to the paper during the printing process.
Contemporary printmaking may include digital printing, photographic mediums, or a combination of digital, photographic, and traditional processes.
Many of these techniques can also be combined, especially within the same family. For example, Rembrandt’s prints are usually referred to as ‘etchings’ for convenience, but very often include work in engraving and drypoint as well, and sometimes have no etching at all.


Manager: Lynne Crompton 01834 869454

Oriel Q – Queens Hall Gallery, High Street, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, SA67 7AS.

Oriel Q website: http://www.orielqueenshallgallery.org.uk/OpenPrintShow2012.html

The illustrated catalogue of all the work in the show: http://www.orielqueenshallgallery.org.uk/documents/OpenPrintShow2012Wcat_005.pdf