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by | Nov 22, 2021 | Insights

My friend and local boat skipper, Ffion called last week and said “Sarah do you need some ‘inspiration’?” Which is mutually understood to mean she needs a crew!
Over the years I have crewed for her on many occasions and it’s always a joy to do. Many of my paintings have indeed been inspired by my time on the boat. On this occasion the first challenge of the day was getting out to the boat! This lovely fat seal pup was taking a breather on the slipway and was not inclined to move! This is where we normally launch the tender dingy so we had to use an alternative spot which was rather more precarious.

After that though it was smooth sailing. We had a lovely day out on the water, looking at the wildlife and all the stunning scenery, including a blowhole that was working spectacularly. We also had a good catch up…. Thanks Ffion for a lovely day of “inspiration“!

The painting below was directly inspired by the spectacle of one of Ramsey Island’s ‘blowholes’. which we often see on the boat. This phenomenon is caused by swell washing in to a hole in the rock and compressing the air inside it. At a certain point this compressed air explodes outwards causing a dramatic blast of vaporised seawater.

'Blowout' Oil painting on canvas. ©Sarah Jane Brown

Blowout | oil on canvas | 40 x 50 cm


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