Off The Wall Gallery’s Winter Show

22nd November 2018 until Feb 2019


If you’re in Cardiff during the festive season, then take the opportunity to view the latest landscape paintings by contemporary artist Sarah Jane Brown, currently on display at Off The Wall Gallery’s Christmas Mixed Artist Show. Her evocative and thought-provoking work drew many admirers and collectors to her recent solo exhibition ‘Blurring Time and Tide’, and selected pieces are now available to view at Off The Wall Gallery alongside other artists until the New Year.

Situated in The Old Probate Registry, a beautifully refined Victorian building in Llandaff, Cardiff, Off The Wall Gallery provides a calm and peaceful space to view Sarah Jane’s latest work. Original oil paintings and prints are available for sale, and can also be viewed and purchased online at

Sarah Jane’s latest work is inspired by personal recollections of the coast, and explores the intense yet fleeting nature of memory and its effect upon the present.

“Thoughts come and go like the reflections of clouds passing by on the wet sand or like the flotsam and jetsam washed over the rocks with the tide. Forgetting the everyday, letting everything go and just absorbing the moment allows memories to come, ephemerally, like the sea washing in and out and leaving marks on the landscape. The details don’t matter, what matters is the feeling; the sound of the sea, the gulls, the wind, the smell of the salt in the air, the feel of the elements on your skin, and the thoughts that pass through your head when you’re standing on a beach or a cliff top.

‘Winter Mixed Artist Show’ Group Exhibition

Dates: Open throughout December until January 2019
Opening hours: 9.30am-5.30pm Tues-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat
Venue: Off The Wall Gallery, The Old Probate Registry, 49 Cardiff Rd, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2DQ