For a while my work in the studio has been sporadic because I’ve been focused on other tasks (admin, new format website, starting a newsletter, etc). No sooner did I finally get back to painting, than there was a flurry of painting sales! That gave me the confidence boost I needed to really get going and I have now ramped up my studio activity to overdrive! Here’s a little peek of some of the goings on…

Last month I did preparatory work organising the studio and my sketchbook and was all ready to start a new body of work. I usually work on at least 10 pieces at once (starting with small studies). This allows me to rotate paintings at different stages of drying, between layers, and stops me from getting ‘stuck’ by spending too much time staring at the same image! It also allows the work to develop a cohesive palette of colours and marks, they relate better to each other as a body of work, which is important when they are hung together for exhibition.

I start by covering the canvas with an absorbent base layer (short ground) made with raw pigment and binder. This dries quickly and also helps the first layers of oil paint to dry much faster than they normally would.

As an example, the video above shows the process from laying out my palette and making the first marks on canvas to an almost finished painting. This is work from a few different sessions added together. It’s actually hours of work reduced to just a couple of minutes…. If only I could actually paint that fast!


Painting almost finished! Oil on canvas, 60x60cm. by Sarah Jane Brown