I recently invested in a new portable easel, which came all the way from the USA as no-one in the UK makes anything similar. I really enjoyed getting out, despite the cold and windy weather, to try give it a test run. It’s an ‘En Plein Air Pro‘ Easel, made from lightweight aluminium that is easy to carry, quick to put-up/take-down and has a good size mixing area and space for solvent, brushes etc. I was also relieved to find that is pretty stable and by hanging the backpack that it comes in, underneath (with a couple of rocks from the beach), it stood up to fairly windy conditions without me having to hold on for dear life to anything. All in all I’m very pleased! 

The little study I did (oil on paper) turned out fairly well considering I was focused more on the easel than the painting. It was a very cold evening with a bitter wind but the colours from the winter light were beautiful.

Testing my new easel at Whitesands Beach – Jan 2018