Hats and Barrels⁠ Oil On Canvas⁠ 60 x 60 cm⁠ by SJB
Hats and Barrels⁠ | Oil On Canvas⁠ | 60 x 60 cm⁠      
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Let me tell you the story behind this painting, which is now on the front cover of my 2021 calendar…

Occasionally I work on local boat trips, and when my friend Ffion, the Skipper of Falcon Boats calls me, she asks sheepishly “Saaarah… Do you by any chance need some inspiration?” which is code for “help I need crew!” I usually agree to help her out, mostly because I love doing it and because it is indeed inspiring .

We head 7 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast to Grassholm Island, impressively crammed with thousands of Gannets; our largest seabirds. From there we go even further out (12 miles offshore), to The Smalls Lighthouse, which stands imposingly on the last tiny spit of rock before you leave the relatively shallow coastal waters and the floor of the Atlantic Ocean drops away dramatically into the Celtic Deep. This deep water edge is where we are most likely to encounter dolphins and sometimes whales.

Between Grassholm and The Smalls is a reef called ‘The Hats and Barrels’, It’s a very treacherous place with strong tides swirling over and around the rocks and waves alternately covering and exposing their mostly hidden danger.

From the boat you get to not only view this movement, but to physically experience it! Your viewpoint is itself constantly rolling and pitching. You are not looking at something from a static horizontal platform.

In the studio I can close my eyes for a minute and transport myself back to the boat. To the motion, the sounds and the smells of the sea. Then I try to translate the memory of this full body experience into paint. This painting is purposefully a little disorientating, not because I want to unnerve you, but because I want to share that experience. 

Sometimes it’s good to experience things from a very different perspective, don’t you think? and to feel a sense of the awe and wonder that nature provides. Xx



This Painting is now on the front cover of my 2021 Calendar. 

Professionally printed on 250gsm paper, the calendar is A4 sized opening to A3,  £12.50 which includes UK p&p.
Supplied with a shiny holographic envelope, it’s all wrapped up and ready for Christmas!

Last order date for UK christmas delivery is 18th December.