Artist Sarah Jane Brown with her GSA qualification

Look what arrived in the post this week!

I’m so thrilled to receive my ‘GSA’ award after three years as an associate member. Being a fully qualified member now gives me a real feeling of belonging to the Guild ‘family’ and a sense of validation that my work is of a consistently high quality. I’m very proud to now use the letters ‘GSA’ after my name and the certificate will be displayed somewhere prominent in the studio for all my visitors and students to see!

GSA Qualification logo

 The Guild Society of Artists (GSA) was formed to help artists to further their careers. The GSA is unique, in that it is fully integrated into the art business world through its parent organisation the Fine Art Trade Guild (formed in 1910) which promotes standards of quality and ethics in the Fine Art industry . Through the Guild there is a wide range of expertise available for artists to access. Guild trade members have extensive knowledge in areas that most artists will utilise, such as picture framing, fine art printing and exhibiting artworks.