This one recently found someone to love it, so it’s gone off to a new home.  ♥️ 

I did this painting last year for a publication called ‘Paint like the Masters’ where I was featured demonstrating some of the techniques of JMW Turner. I’m often told that my work is “Turner-esque” which I always take as a huge compliment! 

For me, a Turner painting can project far more than the sum of its material parts. More than any other artist of his time, he managed to communicate something ‘sensory’.  Personally, this is the reason that I paint. It is a way of expressing something emotional that I can’t adequately describe with mere words. Turner’s vast repertoire of techniques was in itself a visual ‘vocabulary’; an emotive language full of hope and fear, light and shade, complexity and subtlety. 

Like Turner, I tend to make loose preliminary sketches outdoors, taking in not just the sights, but all the sensations of the experience and committing them to memory.  Back in the studio I can transfer these experiences to canvas in a more controlled environment. Turner’s method of layering glazes with areas of thicker paint requires patience! Each layer must be dry before adding the next. This is why I am always working on several paintings simultaneously.  All around my studio there are paintings at various stages, propped or hanging up to dry, waiting for the next layer.  Fortunately, thanks to the properties of modern materials, I do not have to wait quite as long as Turner did!

'Finding the masterstrokes' a painting by Sarah Jane Brown
Finding the masterstrokes | oil on canvas | 40x50cm