It has now been 2 weeks since we should have been enjoying the opening party for the new studio, but in these strange times it seems that almost everything is in turmoil.  Like many people, I have to confess to feeling a bit lost; paralysed by the sudden rearrangement of all my plans and aspirations. It felt like the proverbial ‘rug’ had just been pulled from under my feet. However, now that a bit of time has passed, I’ve regained some equilibrium and I’ve been thinking….

You may not know that when you see my finished landscape paintings, they are usually about something else!  The ‘view’ is almost secondary; the visual subject gives me a framework within which to work, but primarily I paint what I feel and think because that is how I make sense of my emotions.  I realise that this might not be so easy for others to understand so I thought I would begin sharing some examples with you;  some small insights into these personal musings, one painting at a time.


Finding a new way’ represents letting go of something to make way for a new beginning, and for all of us in the upheaval of this pandemic, we are having to find new ways of doing just about everything!  I did this painting a few years ago and the original is long since sold, but now more than ever, the sentiment of it seems appropriate. 

Standing on the beach of an evening, looking out to sea and watching the sun disappearing over the edge, often stirs emotions. It’s a feeling of connection to the infinite, to all the possibilities that lie, as yet unknown just over the horizon. I always take some solace from knowing that as the sun sets on each day a new one WILL follow.  Each day will be filled with new challenges, new learning opportunities, new possibilities and of course new things to be grateful for. 


With Love xxx