Book published with painting as cover image!

Sarah Jane Brown’s Painting ‘Chimerical Coast’ has now been immortalised on the cover of a new academically acclaimed book that was launched on Friday in Cardiff. The author and the artist have enjoyed many discussions and exchanges of ideas in the year leading up to the publication and have become firm friends in the process.

The book ‘Poetry, Geography, Gender’ by Dr Alice Entwistle, is a compelling and important study of contemporary Welsh female poets and is published by University of Wales Press.

Publisher’s description: In this ground-breaking new study of the connections between text and place, creative expression and cultural identity, Alice Entwistle demonstrates how some of Wales’s finest poets use the poetic text to reflect on the cultural-political complexities of writing in, or about, their shared cultural home.

Cover of 'Poetry,Geography,Gender' By Alice Entwistle. Image by Sarah Jane Brown