Quote of the day: Sarah Jane Brown

Quote of the day: Sarah Jane Brown

This is just a reminder for those of you who love art but feel as though it's too late to start your career:

As a child, I could lose myself for hours just making colourful splodges on paper and then proudly giving it to my Mum to stick up on the fridge door! As I got older I began to question if it was good enough and by extension, if I was good enough.

My father didn’t help much, he didn’t really see the value in creativity and encouraged me to do more sensible things that would help me to get a “proper job”! So after leaving school I studied Business & Finance and then worked for an import company for a while. I hated it! I then worked on yachts and boats for over a decade.

I enrolled onto a local painting class I ended up falling totally in love with painting, specifically with landscape painting. I then enrolled in a full time Art & Design Foundation diploma and I LOVED every second of it! I was like a sponge soaking it all up! The more I threw myself into it, the better I felt.

I went on to study Fine Art Painting at the West Wales School of the Arts and gained a first-class honours degree!

From there, my career as a professional artist took on a life of its own. My first exhibition was a sell-out show, which launched me into painting full-time, and I haven’t looked back since!


Contemporary Landscapes

Sarah Jane's paintings reflect internal landscapes through the beauty of the Pembrokeshire skies and countryside, the natural drama of the elements and the sea.

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