Quote of the day: Marc Chagall

Quote of the day: Marc Chagall

This quote, often attributed to painter and printmaker, Marc Chagall, suggests that art must be created with a sense of passion, emotion, and care in order to have true value and meaning.

When art is created with love, it goes beyond just the physical materials used to make it and becomes an expression of the artist's innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Love, in this context, refers to the artist's deep connection to their subject matter or the process of creating art itself.

If art is not created with this sense of love, it may lack the depth and emotion that make it resonate with viewers or be significant in any way. In other words, it may simply be a superficial or meaningless arrangement of colours and shapes.

Overall, this quote speaks to the importance of creating art with intention and sincerity, rather than simply going through the motions or creating something for the sake of doing so.


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