Online Confident Colour course starting soon!

Online Confident Colour course starting soon!

Not long now until the start of my new online Confident Colour course, and I hope you join me for the journey.

If your paintings sometimes turn ‘muddy’ and you’re not sure why, or you spend ages mixing the right colour, but then don’t know how you got there (or how to repeat it), then this course is for you!

Confident Colour launches on Saturday 4th February on the Mastrius platform, from 8am-11am MST for 4 weeks:


Learn a straightforward system for mixing exactly what you want whenever you need it, using only a few colours. Get clean, bright contemporary colours and gorgeous soft neutrals consistently and efficiently!

All the essentials of colour theory explained in simple practical terms. You will also learn about colour relationships. controlling colour temperature and how to use warm & cool variations, choosing a palette to suit your subject (and budget!) and how to use optical colour mixing and glazing for stunning effects. Save yourself hours of frustration and learn how to make your paintings sing, even if you THINK you already understand colour!

This course of weekly classes Saturdays from 8am–11am MST, starting February 4th, for 4 weeks, is geared toward beginner and aspiring artists, 

There are limited seats - learn more and reserve your seat now!

Improve your painting! New 3 week course. Saturday afternoons from 30th Sept 2023 SJB Fine Art


I run various workshops suitable for a range of abilities. These run throughout the warmer months.

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