How to glaze glowing skies using oils

How to glaze glowing skies using oils

I wrote an article for 'Paint & Draw: Oils bookazine' about glazing techniques some time ago, and was very pleased to see it featuring recently on the Creative Bloq website.

It's now available to read free online, and shares how to create a dramatic colourful sky using just a few colours, some simple glazing techniques and a little bit of patience! There are step by step instructions and images along the way so if you've always been curious about glazing this might answer some of your burning questions! Read the full article: How to glaze glowing skies using oils


Here's an excerpt:

"Take a walk around any large art museum and the chances are you will see some very old paintings that still have such rich, luminous colour in them that it seems they have been lit from within. The traditional method of glazing can seem daunting at first as it carries an air of mystery. Glazing as a basic technique is actually very simple but does require patience, so expect this exercise to take several days. Each layer must be completely dry before adding the next. For this reason, I work on several paintings simultaneously and have them hanging up to dry around my studio, waiting for the next layer. 

One advantage of this method is that should you make a mistake with a glaze, you can wipe it off knowing that the previous layers will be undisturbed. Glazing can create a visual depth, optical complexity and intensity of colour that is impossible to achieve by any other method, so it is well worth learning.

Glazing can be used for an entire painting, as in this case, or just in places to modify a colour, deepen a dark tone, transition or unify particular areas of a painting. At its most basic, a glaze is the application of a transparent layer of paint over a dry layer of underpainting"...

 ...Continue reading the full article with a step by step painting exercise: How to glaze glowing skies using oils



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